Oconee Sation Buildings

Oconee Station State Historic Site

The Park sits on 210 acres on Oconee Creek and has an
abundance of interesting features: two structures, hiking trails, a pond and Station Cove Falls--all very accessible on easy-to-walk, well maintained paths.

The Park is located just north of Walhalla off Hwy 11.


Structures: Nestled in a clearing surrounded by a split-rail fence under mature trees, this beautiful location holds the blockhouse and the William Richards home. The blockhouse was built in 1792 as a military post—one of several in the state—to protect settlers against the Cherokee Indians and later to protect Indians against settler encroachment.

The troops were removed in 1799, the last blockhouse to be decommissioned in SC.William Richard's House

In 1805, William Richards, from Ireland, built a brick home next door and established a trading post.

The buildings are open for tours 1-5 pm Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.

Hiking trail at Oconee Station ParkHiking Trails: There is a 1.5-mile nature trail that goes around the pond and connects to a 1/2-mile trail that leads into Sumter National Forest and ends at Station Cove Falls.

In the Springtime, the wild flowers bloom in glorious abundance and add to the experience. The trail is relatively flat, well maintained and easy to walk. A good choice for children.

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Oconee Station site map
Map courtesy of South Carolina State Parks

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View of pond
The Pond: The 4+acre pond is a lovely place to watch birds and enjoy the tranquility of the area. The nature trail circles the pond and then rejoins the trail leading to Station Cove Falls.

Station Cove Falls:
Actually located in Sumter National Forest, Station Cove Falls is accessible from Oconee Station via the nature trails or by parking on Hyw. 95 and joining the trail there.

From Hyw. 95 it’s about 20-25 minutes over easy trails to the spectacular, stepped 60-foot waterfalls. The trail brings you right to the base of the falls where you get the full view of this magnificent falls.

Close up of moss and waterfall

Hours: March through December: Thur-Sunday 9am-6pm
Closed: January & February
Office Hours: 11 am- noon

Admission: $2 adults; $1.50 SC seniors; 15 & under free